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.: Quality Policy, Environment and Security :.

Quality Policy, Environment and Security

Policy Management System (Quality, Environment, Safety, Social Responsibility and ResearchDevelopment and Innovation)

Knowing that new and increasing demands are commanded by an extremely competitive market, the Europa Ar-Lindo group concentrated its attention on customer’s requirements and expectations and on other interested parties. As a result, it is vital that all assume its responsibilities and be committed to improve and enhance the resources, productivity, promote a policy of cutting costs, avoiding hazard behaviours, protect the environment and following strictly the legislation in force.

To achieve this, it is the company and employees intentions to be proactively, systematically and enthusiastically committed to:

- Fulfil the requirements and delivery times set in order to meet the customer needs and expectations;

- Cut down non-complying situations, wastes and all other situations liable to increase costs;

- Create an environment prone to involve the workers proactively; encourage training as a tool to improve skills;

- Seek to effectively enhance the Management System by following and accomplish the applicable laws;

- Act in such a way to avoid workers be exposed to hazard situations and bring accidents and incidents close to zero level;

- Encourage an effective cost management involving costs associated with the various activities of the group in order to improve its sustained development;

- Size all technical, financial and human resources available suitable with the Safety, Hygiene and Health guidelines at the workplace;

- Encourage workers training and awareness;

- Follow all legislation and regulation applied to the company;

- Be conscious regarding the management of the natural resources and cut down the use of hazardous products and the production of wastes to avoid pollution;

- Keep a correct management of wastes;

- Encourage the sustained use of resources;

- Improve the implemented management system in all situations;

- Set out from time to time a set of targets aiming to improve the company's performance, processes and products;

Promote training and informative actions focused on risk prevention associated with the jobs and the work posts related with the construction workers;

- Boost the development of processes and procedures which cause the least environmental impact, and let know to customers, suppliers and the interested parties Europa Ar-Lindo policy of management and environmental measures that has been adopted;

- Seek to control and review activities developed by the group Europa Ar-Lindo according with the principle of injury and damage prevention, and to prevent professional risks involved;

- Carry out good practices, procedures and measures of control with flexibility in all tasks;

- Committed to fulfil the requirements of PSS to carry out the contract work and to follow all SHST legislation applied to the Sector;

- Act as a professional in permanent change by seeking to reach excellence, minimizing mistakes, helping and encouraging to meet targets, motivated and glad to make part of an organization which want to keep growing in a sustained way;

- Promote a clear and efficient communication between the various companies of the group.


Campo de Jogos de Faial da Terra

.: Campo de Jogos de Faial da Terra :.

Repavimentação do Campo de Jogos de Faial da Terra

Câmara Municipal de Povoação

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Fundo Regional de Coesão

.: Fundo Regional de Coesão :.

Fundo Regional de Coesão - Secretaria Regional da Economia

Fundo Regional de Coesão

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Homestyle Residences

.: Homestyle Residences :.

Homestyle residences | Edifício de Habitação Multifamiliar

Acfimo imobiliária SA

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Garden Residences

.: Garden Residences :.

Garden residences | Condomíno Fechado de Habitação Multifamiliar

Acfimo imobiliária SA

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Social Responsibility

.: Social Responsibility :.

The Europa Ar-Lindo Group has a social responsibility policy based on sustainability strategies that address the concern with the collective welfare and the social and environmental impacts of their activities. This way, it has been doing practical support to various agents social matters that relate to the company, whether employees, suppliers, customers / clients, community and society in general.

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Europa Ar-Lindo Açores donates toys to the Developers community.

.: Europa Ar-Lindo Açores donates toys to the Developers community.

The company Construções Europa Ar-Lindo, Açores heas developed in this holiday season, volunteer activities with its employees. One of the activities was to collect toys for the Developers community, part of the project "A Christmas to All", action taken under the social responsibility of Developers.

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Finantial Information

.: Finantial Information :.

The financial evolution reported to the present day clearly reflect how this company has been steady and sustained consolidating its grow in the marketplace against the adversities of the current economic framework, and the constant ups and downs of the global markets, by struggling to keep the levels of performance and streamline the standards of financial evolution.

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Europa Ar-Lindo supports the Azorian Cerebral Palsy Association in S. Miguel.

.: Europa Ar-Lindo supports the Azorian Cerebral Palsy Association in S. Miguel. :.

The company Construções Europa Ar-Lindo, Açores, is developing a solidarity project, on a voluntary basis, that consists of performing not only small repairs, but also paintings, in certain areas in the building of the Cerebral Palsy Association of S. Miguel. This idea was born in 2013, with follow-up in 2014.

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The Company

.: The Company :.

In 1994 the company Construções Europa Ar-Lindo emerges from the development and growth of ACF Group, created by Arlindo Augusto Xavier Correia in 1965.

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Construções Europa Ar-Lindo helps LIJ - Frei Gil, in Ramalde

.: Construções Europa Ar-Lindo helps LIJ - Frei Gil, in Ramalde :.

As in previous years, the company Construções Europa Ar-Lindo, SA promoted among its employees, yet another voluntary food collection, donated to the Home for Children and Youth Work of Frei Gil - Ramalde.

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